Fundraising doesn't have to be complicated - and we're on a mission to help groups like yours raise money for worthy causes with our simple fundraising programs.

Experience the simplicity of raising money with us.

1. Sign up for your fundraiser

To get started, simply sign up for one of our simple fundraising programs online. Once we confirm the details of your fundraiser we'll mail your order forms and set up your online store.

Our fundraisers typically run for two weeks and you will earn up to 42% profit on every item sold. For answers to common fundraising questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Don't forget to ask about setting up your online store!

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2. Start Selling

Your sellers can use traditional paper order forms and/or your online store to collect orders.

With one click you can email each seller a link to their personal online store. Your sellers can then share their link with family and friends, so supporters can order and pay online. (No special codes or passwords to remember!)

Keep in mind all products will be personally delivered by the sellers.

Remember to set a goal - our research shows that groups who set a goal raise more money!

Online Store Demo


3. Collect money and order forms

Together, we'll select a date for your sellers to return their paper order forms and the money they've collected. This will be the final day of your fundraiser.

Sellers should collect money from their supporters while they are selling. Don't wait until the product is delivered to collect money from supporters.

All online orders will already be accounted for, so there's no money to collect for online orders!

Frequently Asked Questions

4. Submit your results online

Once your fundraiser is complete, you will enter the orders from your paper order forms into our easy-to-use online portal. All online orders will already be shown.

We'll email you a link to the portal at the beginning of your fundraiser.

Pro tip: Start entering your orders as the order forms are turned in. This will help save some time at the end of the fundraiser.

If there are other people helping coordinate your fundraiser, everyone will have access to the portal and can enter orders simultaneously.

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5. Prepare for delivery

Prior to your delivery we'll send you an email reminding you of the delivery details. We'll also send you an invoice due at delivery. Please bring a check for the full invoice amount.

Your products will arrive pre-sorted for each seller. Please have a few volunteers, tables, and the order forms ready when we arrive to help speed up the process.

Keep in mind our products are frozen, so it's important that all products are picked up promptly and placed in a freezer.

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